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  • Featured in Wall Street Journal - October 2002
  • Author - Armyworm IPM for Turfgrass - Rutgers University Landscape
  • Herd on the Streets - Animal Stories from The Wall Street Journal (p. 42-47)
    For more than sixty years, The Wall Street Journal has prided itself not just on its serious journalism, but also on the whimsical and arcane stories that amuse and delight its readers. In that regard, animal stories have proven to be the most beloved of all. Now, veteran Journal reporter and Page One editor Ken Wells gathers the finest, funniest, and most fascinating of these animal tales in one exceptional book.



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Complete Solution

Trapping & Removal, Exclusion and Repair Services: This means we not only remove unwanted animals. We can perform full damage repairs the wildlife has done to your home. Read more...


Wildlife Damage Prevention

Want to prevent the problem before it starts? We can provide a comprehensive program to exclude unwanted wildlife from your home. Read more...


Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals can attract insects, disease and the smell can be very offensive, we can provide deordorization and disinfection, including skunk odor. Read more...


Nationwide List of Trapping Professionals

Are you out of our service area? Please check our National Referral Page for a Wildlife Control Professional in your area. Read more...