Rodent Control Services (Rats, Mice and Chipmunks)

Norway Rats
Norway Rats

Rodent removal involves the use of rat and mouse baits, lethal traps, live traps, electrical traps, glue traps. A combination of two or more removal products may be used to enhance your rodent removal program.

What is the best type of rodent control? Every situation is different and requires a custom program to abate the rats, mice or chipmunks from your homeor business. Some people are not comfortable using glue traps or rat baits; some situations prohibit the use of rat baits. These situations can be for child and pet safety, non-target animal safety or food preparation and serving concerns.

Norway Rats: Rat Control and Removal

The most common nuisance rats are the Norway Rat, also known as the Brown Rat. Rats are commonly associated with urban areas, but in Florida, they survive in the wild just fine. They will go wherever they can find food and shelter, and that often includes buildings. Although they may look large, they need only a tiny hole (the size of a quarter) to fit through.

Dead Mice in Wall
Dead Mice in Wall

We do not make use of poison for rat control. Poison is simply not a permanent rat solution. It will not kill 100% of the rats and worst of all, it leaves dead rats in the walls, which cause tremendous odor. We use integrated pest management, which means that we trap existing animals, and most importantly, identify and seal up all of the areas where rats enter. This is without a doubt the most effective approach.


Our trained technicians will locate all of the potential mice entry points and describe or show them to you. We will then locate where the mice are living and determine the best method for removal and exclusion. Our methods are based on years of research and development into mice behaviour and biology.

Can my home be mouse-proofed?
We find that about 60% of the houses we inspect for mouse infestations are able to be mouse-proofed. The other 40% do not qualify because of conditions like loose stone foundations, attached garages, large backyard decks and patios and a host of other conditions that make total mouse-proofing impossible.

Houses that are typically able to be mouse-proofed are split-level raised ranches, modern colonials and one-level ranches. Houses that are typically not candidates for mouse-proofing are old farm houses and most cottages.

Eastern Chipmunk
Eastern Chipmunk

Harbor Wildlife Control no longer provides mice-baiting services. We are a poison-free company and do not use any type of rodenticides for mouse control. If your situation calls for mice-baiting please refer to our Pest Control Services section.

Chipmunks: Chipmunk Control and Removal

Chipmunks are quite destructive when it comes to their burrowing activities around structures, this damage warrants and investment in control to protect structural integrity of stairs ,patios, and foundations. Further damage through their consumption of seeds, flower bulbs, fruit, vegetables and pet food is often a nuisance.

As with rats and mice, chipmunks can enter your home to create the same damage as they do. They have been know to chew wiring and may cause a fire.

To reclaim your home or your yard from these rodents, just give us a ring at (732) 583-5516


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