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- Owner is President of NJ Chapter of NWCOA
- Nationally Certified Goose Management Professional
- Maine Licensed ADC Agent
- Maine, New Jersey, New York State Licensed Trappers
- New York Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator 
- Certified Wildlife Control Professionals
- Approved Bat Exclusion Professionals by Bat Conservation International
- Certified Bird Control Specialist - Bird Barrier
- Wildlife Biologist on Staff
- Rutgers Cooperative Extension Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Team (1994-1998) 



- Featured in Wall Street Journal - October 2002
- Author - Armyworm IPM for Turfgrass - Rutgers University Landscape
- Herd on the Streets - Animal Stories from The Wall Street Journal (p. 42-47)
For more than sixty years, The Wall Street Journal has prided itself not just on its serious journalism, but also on the whimsical and arcane stories that amuse and delight its readers. In that regard, animal stories have proven to be the most beloved of all. Now, veteran Journal reporter and Page One editor Ken Wells gathers the finest, funniest, and most fascinating of these animal tales in one exceptional book. 



- Demonstration and Evaluation of Integrated Crop Scouting on Pumpkins in Southern New Jersey
- Pumpkin Demonstration for Adopting IPM Practices in New Jersey
- EPA Strategic Agricultural Partnerships grant ($40,000). 2001 Annual Report
- Initiating Armyworm IPM for Turfgrass
- Initiating Armyworm IPM for Field Crops
- RCE Cooperation with Frank Spiecker (2000)
- RCE Cooperation with Frank Spiecker (1999). Collection of blacklight information; the relationship between corn borer trap catches and larval infestations in unsprayed bell peppers.

*The Rutgers Cooperative Extension-IPM field scouting teams of Kris Holmstrom in North Jersey, Frank Spiecker in Central Jersey, and Sally Walker in South Jersey provided the blacklight trap specimens for assessing adult moth populations. The combined data from these 25 sites was mapped using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and graphically presented by Marilyn Hughes of the Center for Remote Sensing. 

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