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Trapping, Removal, Habitat Modification and Damage Repairs

This industrious little rodent can cause a lot of damage in a little time. Muskrats can cause damage to property when they burrow into ditch banks as they make their den and by eating vegetation such as lawn grass, or garden and ornamental plants.

The damage to banks around ponds and dams is far greater than the damage they may cause to ornamental landscaping. They also can damage swimming pools by attempting to burrow into the "bank" (liner). Another problem sometimes arises turn to floating docks where styrofoam presents a convenient tunneling site and by burrowing behind the retaining walls. This will eventually cause structural problems.

Muskrat Feeding

Hole digging activities undermine earthen dams and dikes. Damages also occur to irrigation canals and farm ponds. Muskrat feeding activities often destroy the roots of the vegetation, and it may take 15-20 years for the habitat to return to its original state.

Our muskrat trappers specialize in removing muskrats from rivers, pools, ponds and other areas of your property through unique trapping techniques. Our professional wildlife management team can remedy your muskrat problem.

We have never encountered a muskrat problem that we weren’t able to solve, To keep your waterfront looking good just give us a call.

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